Shapes Toolkit®

Resilience coaching and training

We help busy professionals in high stress jobs take control of their wellbeing, their workload and their work-life balance.


life is not Always What We expect.

In difficult times it’s easy to put our own wellbeing behind that of our patients, colleagues and families, but it’s vital that we learn to look after ourselves so we can effectively care for others.


Resilience and wellbeing courses designed by medical professionals. 


The Shapes Toolkit is a breakthrough resilience training course for professionals in high stress jobs trying to do their best in the new ways of working and who want to stay resilient and thrive at work even through uncertainty and change.


What Do We Offer?


Shapes Toolkit – One day programme

This a one-day interactive workshop in groups of up to 16. The programme can be delivered for two different cohorts:


Shapes Toolkit for Managers

Focusing on helping managers spot signs of stress, and support and empower their teams for resilience


Shapes Toolkit for Teams

Focusing on empowering individuals to support each other and make good choices for resilience

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With decades of proven Science & experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

The Shapes Toolkit®

The Shapes Toolkit® programme is a breakthrough resilience training course teaching you how to use a series of coaching and productivity tools to help you & your team become more resourceful and resilient

Keynote talks and webinars

Paul presents a diverse range of engaging, relevant & interactive webinars training sessions and keynote talks for healthcare professionals around different aspects of happiness at work, managing stress, dealing with conflict, and thriving at work.

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Victoria Evans

HR Manager, ATEB

“We have now embedded many of the tools into our management of mental health

issues in the workplace.


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