Public Speaking

We help busy professionals in high stress jobs take control of their wellbeing, their workload and their work-life balance.


Overcoming Complex Mental Health Conditions

Not only can you overcome mental health conditions… But you can thrive.


You can build the life you want, overcoming obstacles and building long successful careers.


In my talks I often share my own story about overcoming complex mental health conditions to build a successful 30 year career, starting my own successful business and look at the lessons I’ve learned during this time.  

What Do I Talk About?


Pro-Active Mental Health

Starting a dialogue about why a pro-active approach is at the heart of what we do at Phoenix Works.


Conflict Resolution

Helping managers and employees learn the skills they need to resolve conflict in the workplace.


Stress Management

Teach the tools i've learned to cope with stressors in the workplace and more generally, in life.


My Story

Overcoming any mental health condition can seem impossible, but i'll share what steps i've taken to do just that.

Previous Public Speaking Engagements

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Team Bonding

Our toolkits and training sessions are great for bringing teams together and teaching valuable skills. I-ACT, ISMA, Shapes.

Mental Health Awareness

Our talks often help raise awareness of mental health within organisations. You can see some here.

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