i‑act Training

The Royal College Of Psychiatrists Accredited Training

is the UK’s leading evidence-based and accredited mental health and wellbeing programme for understanding and managing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.


Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing

And that is OK.  


There are enormous challenges facing you and your team at the moment. If you want to help your teams avoid burnout, or simply want to stay resilient, become more focussed and productive and regain control over your working life, then we’d love to help you navigate the new ways of working by supporting you in every way we can.


That’s why we’ve designed a series of webinars, podcasts, coaching & training and other resources specifically for busy professionals. This can be delivered face to face or online so that you can access it wherever and whenever you choose. 

Who Do We Help?



The I-act toolkit works for businesses small and large. Ensuring their workforce has good mental health and productivity.



The I-act toolkit provides managers with the training and skills to recognise the signs of mental ill health in coworkers.



The I-act toolkit provides you with the tools to overcome and manage daily stressors and have a more productive, enjoyable workday.

Previous I-ACT Training

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

ACT Rather Than RE-ACT

I-ACT. This proactive approach to mental ill-health develops a mentally healthy workforce and working culture.

Leadership Team

We also want to ensure that our customers can spread the different skill sets across their workplace by upskilling Employees, middle and senior Management, through to boards of Directors or Trustees, all of whom have different tasks and roles to play in workplace mental health.

our partners trust us

Pembrokeshire housing

Manager, ATEB

“The course gives essential skills and tools for managers and senior manages and the i-act manual, toolkit and resource pack is an excellent reference that we can go on using after the course.”

Sandwell Council

Support Staff, Sandwell Council

“This course will help me cope more effectively and be more sensitive to my own and others wellbeing.”


Learning & Development Manager, Linc

“I now have a better understanding as to the legislation regarding managing mental health and wellbeing at work.”


Ready To Create A Great Place To Work?

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