Developing A Mentally Healthy Workforce

Advocating for a proactive, rather than reactive approach to mental ill-health and creating a mentally healthy working culture

Hello, I’m Paul

An advocate for proactive and preventive mental health training.

I’ve worked across all industries to help develop a mentally healthy culture and work practice, so employers can have a high performing and resilient workforce.

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Paul was one of the first members of my team. He was not just professional, he helped create the profession that is now universally recognised.

— Dr Rachel E. Perkins
BA,MPhil (Clinical Psychology), PhD, OBE
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I thoroughly recommend Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Paul Dorrington, having worked with him in the NHS community mental health teams.

— Dr Joanna Whitson
BSc (Hons), MSc, MBChB, MRCPsyc
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Paul is an innovator and a leader in the field of mental health Vocational Rehabilitation.

— Dr Jo Turner
MBBS MRCPsych CBT Dip/Consultant Psychiatrist
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